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'The Five Loaves, Two Fish Project'

In 2020 The Lamp will launch "The Five Loaves, Two Fish Project." This project will provide a month's worth of groceries to 12 families within the DMV area. This is an effort to assist our community of neighbors who are affected by food insecurity, while also

promoting healthy eating and increasing food budget habits. Along with groceries, each family will receive a list of recipes that can be used to help with proper meal planning to ensure that their groceries afford hearty meals throughout the month while delivering tasty options that wont' become boring and repetitive. *The family's allergies and food preferences will be considered when creating recipes and building their grocery lists.

The Call for Help...

We need YOUR help. If you know of any families who could possibly utilize this service throughout the year, please let us know. Each Family's identity will be kept 100% confidential, if we post about meals through the year we will only share information about the potential meals/recipes and will not include any information about the families we are serving.

We plan to start 2020 by providing groceries for 12 families but as we grow, we would love to provide this service for as many families as we can. If you would like to sponsor a family or financially contribute to this service please let us know, 100% of your contribution will be used for providing food. If you would like to partner with The Lamp to bring this service to an area outside of the DMV please contact us.

For any questions about this program please email and reference 'The Five Loaves, Two Fish Project'.

"Everyone Deserves Good Food", let's work together to take on a small piece of that mission.

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