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The Lamp's vision has grown tremendously over the past 20 years! Starting out as a space for individuals to connect and enjoy self-expression through the arts [visual, poetry, spoken word, and music], The Lamp has since extended its purpose and mission to build the community through food security with efforts towards ending hunger & decreasing food waste while increasing physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health & wholeness. 


The logo of The Lamp embodies a clay oil lamp, as a reflection of the divine vision received.

The Lamp is a light unto your path. 

 The Lamp received 501(c)3 status as a nonprofit organization in June, 2017. Our goal is to secure funding for a building to bring the complete vision to reality - a Community Café & Life Center.  A location that builds the community through various facets including a café and counseling center.

Great food brings people together.  Our pay-what-you-can café will provide the opportunity to decrease hunger in the community with a delicious, diverse, and sustainable menu and increase unity - regardless of means.  With support of our partners local and abroad, The Lamp will provide the go-to community café with an exciting daily menu for all to enjoy including - 

freshly roasted coffee, teas and locally prepared organic herbal blends, signature desserts & baked goods, home style favorites, as well as vegan options and other dietary alternatives.   

What we look forward to most in The Lamp's café, is our community table - The Gathering Place. In 2012, Jessica envisioned creating a space for the community to gather together for an "all are welcome" family style meal, acknowledging specifically that (different from a soup kitchen) this space provides one HUGE table to commune together despite social, economic, and other societal boundaries. Although there will be seating arranged for private settings, The Gathering Place is incorporated to encourage an atmosphere where there are no strangers, only friends you have not met. While we are currently experiencing the impact of the global pandemic, it is our prayer that we will all can return to community gatherings as we envision.  

The Lamp is more than a café!

At ‘The Lamp Counseling Center, LLC’ our goal is to provide an authentic, holistic, and individualized approach

to the therapeutic relationship. Your experiences are your own and your treatment will reflect that, as we collaboratively engage in a variety of traditional and non-traditional approaches including but not limited to culturally affirming Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Expressive Therapies, and Trauma-Informed Mindfulness. We strive to create a positive, caring environment where you feel safe, seen, and heard during your journey of healing and personal growth.

What's to come at The Lamp Life Center: 

The Lamp Café 

The Lamp Counseling Center 

The Lamp Church 

Our Purpose: To provide unity and a holistic approach to overall wellness mind, body, and spirit while impacting

 the community with food security, mental/behavioral health awareness, expressive arts, therapeutic healing, and Biblical ministry.

Each facet of The Lamp is unique with various approaches to reach similar goals in fulfilling our mission! 

"To be a light unto the path of every individual while building the community through holistic wellness,

one step at a time" 

Be A Lamp! 

The Lamp is proud to serve alongside the growing number of pay-what-you-can cafés.  

Patrons of the pay-what-you-can café:


     * Pay what you are able to afford. 

     * Pay the suggested donation. 

     * Pay suggested donation, plus an extra donation.

     * Pay specifically for someone else's full meal.

     * Pay by volunteering with us.  

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