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A LIGHTHOUSE for The FreeTHEM Walkers

Updated: May 11, 2021

We had the honor of hosting The FreeTHEM Walkers who are dedicated to walking 902 miles, mostly on the #UnderGroundRailroad to raise awareness about Human Trafficking... or most accurately put...SLAVERY!

It was during our conversation of what their dedication means to us that we identified that we are a LIGHTHOUSE on their journey, as others were to those on the path of freedom while traveling the journey of the original underground railroad. #BEALAMP

Special Thanks to all of our contributors who help make this

"I Have THE BEST FAMILY! My brother and sister from college David & Jessica Jemmott hosted the FreeTHEM Walkers in their home last night. Food was provided by a nonprofit they lead called The Lamp. When we arrived, there was a Masseuse, delicious food, wash cloths and towels so we could shower, sweets, anointing oil, and so much more.

Then when I thought it was over we had packages waiting for us from another sister-friend Charmagne Everett!! As I'm typing this, tears are falling from my face because God is so faithful.

The side of me that wants everything all figured out is officially on chill mode because God has used great and amazing people to help us along the way. After our conversation last night, we will start calling these homes and spaces LIGHTHOUSES.

These are places on our Underground Railroad Journey that provide safety, security, and rest. It started with Yewende's home in Petersburg who literally found out we were in her area 60 minutes prior and wanted to host us. Then Pastor Derry and Lady Marquita who planned an exceptional evening in a few hours, and now Jessica, David, and Charmagne who made sure we were fed, relaxed, and had some items for the journey. Thank y'all for being our LightHouses along the way." -Kelly Diane (Founder, FreeTHEM Walkers/FreeTHEM Center [Buffalo, NY], Project Mona's House [Buffalo, NY]

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