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Art Heals

Shanina Dionna was the featured artist in our Art Heals article in The Lamp's Fall '18 Newsletter 'Holistic Health and Culture'. When asked what birthed the desire to bring forth mental health advocacy through her art, she stated: "...suicide, the guilt and heartache from an induced miscarriage, being diagnosed with and hospitalized for borderline personality disorder, obtaining a habit for trichotillomania since adolescence, chronic insecurities, toxic relationships, major depression, learning self-love, journeying through 21st century America - all of this must have a safe place to be heard, shared and experienced without judgment or dismay. I make it a point to create an environment where this can be so..."

We are honored to continue our support for her impact through @embryo.expos this Saturday, March 2, 2019!

Consider supporting our efforts to support her financially and donate towards a piece that we would like to purchase for The Lamp! Donate on our website or Cashapp $TheLampOrg

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